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Artyst Boundless Handpiece Silver Rose + 2 Battery

Artyst Boundless Handpiece Silver Rose 2.5mm Available in two colors: Silver Rose and Gold Champagne. The new BoundLess 2.5 by artyst™ is the upgrade to our H1 PMU Classic machines. If the artyst™ H1 is your current favorite, then you have found your new love here! BoundLess 2.5 features a longer stroke length (2.5mm) and now supports universal PMU cartridges. With a new motor, this PMU machine runs wirelessly despite higher power just as quietly and precisely as you’re used to with your artyst™ H1. The 2.5mm stroke length hits the perfect spot for your modern PMU techniques. You have the right amount of power to do amazing detail work and get maximum control over color implantation. Regardless of your experience level, you can create beautiful shading or super precise lines to perfection! With the two included battery packs and the connection cap for wired operation, you have maximum flexibility. Why? Because you can decide whether to work with a slightly lighter wired machine or working with the greatest possible freedom of movement by using the machine wirelessly attaching the powerful battery packs.

Artyst Boundless Handpiece Silver Rose 3.0mm Available in two colors: Silver Rose and Gold Champagne, the new BoundLess 3.0 hybrid machines from Artyst™ are the new rock stars of the PMU industry. Use this PMU machine wirelessly or wired, whichever you prefer. The machines have a stroke length of 3.0mm, providing tattoo-specific power for PMU. Therefore, we recommend it especially for advanced professionals. Say goodbye to big trauma or heavily swollen results. With Artyst™ BoundLess 3.0, you can apply color faster and require fewer passes. You can create perfect powder brows and shading, and color-intensive lines are no problem with the BoundLess 3.0! The BoundLess 3.0 is innovative and versatile. What does that mean? It comes with an easy-to-attach connection cap for wired power and two battery packs for wireless use – for maximum freedom and up to 4 hours of solid performance!

kr. 8.000 ekskl. moms

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